Extend. Realise. Exceed.

Specialist consulting dedicated to improving business performance.

Our vision is to deliver superior value through insightful and empowering advice

We do this by focusing on tangible, positive and long-term change. Our aim is to extend your horizons, helping you realise your potential and creating the right conditions to exceed expectations. We are based in New Zealand, yet our orientation is Australasia-wide.

What do we do?

We tailor solutions to meet your goals. And we make sure the conditions are right so that these goals are achieved - not merely immediate goals but those goals in the years ahead. We are not content with producing a report and walking away; our strengths lie in our strategic orientation and our concern for sustainable change.

Whether it's a project, general advice or ongoing business mentoring, we will bring you solutions in:

How can we help you?

Do you want to improve the performance of your organisation? Perhaps the changes you make are getting little traction, or you want alignment within your business so that its goals are met. Or you are intent on assuring your customers that you have a quality-focused system that meets their needs. We can tailor a solution to meet your needs - whether it's a project, ongoing or one-off advice.

What makes Vector Consulting different?

We take a multidisciplinary approach, and combine this with our concern for sustainable change. Rather than take a small snapshot and base our advice on this, we are concerned with the bigger picture, and the system which it operates in. Changes can make little effect if the system isn't ready to accept it.

We are also well practiced at translating the jargon of standards, policies and statements into action, and integrating this into the day-to-day of the business. We are focused on quality - both in terms of our own work and your business. Often businesses don't have the time or resources to make these guidelines work for them - they often end up working against them.

Our low overheads mean that we are cost competitive, and are often able to provide supplementary products at a discounted rate.

At Vector Consulting we believe that by creating the system is a critical step towards meeting your goals. We are here to ensure you reach those goals and realise your full potential.

Hamish Allan - container art

Vector Consulting sponsors container art

Vector Consulting is proud to sponsor artist Hamish Allan's kiwi landscape art for containers in Sumner. For additional details, visit containerart.co.nz



Jason Hopper is the Managing Director of Vector Consulting, which he founded in 2005. He has had various roles in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand; with experience in large organisations such as Lion Nathan, the University of Canterbury, Canterbury DHB and GE Capital. Jason has an MBA (University of Canterbury) with a particular emphasis on group dynamics, leadership and quality. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Australia's Deakin University and is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

Jason has completed many successful reviews and organisation interventions, has led successful ISO implementation projects, has considerable experience in accounting & finance, and has partnered entrepreneurs to ensure their personal goals are aligned with business goals. He is currently Board Chair for Equitas Care Limited, a growing organisation providing long-term care for young people with disabilities; and the Canterbury Men’s Centre which provides a range of support services for men.

He is regularly involved in strategic planning for organisations, with a particular emphasis on an organisation’s “fit” with its strategy. He is passionate about aligning businesses to meet their goals, and uses his strengths in leadership, group dynamics and finance to ensure sustained and rounded success.

Jason can be contacted on 021 124 8630 or jason[at]vectorconsulting[dot]co[dot]nz.

Megan's background has included 20 years in healthcare, including clinical, operational and leadership roles. Megan is a qualified Lead Auditor and Registered Nurse with post-graduate qualifications in quality management and health and safety. Megan is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors and the New Zealand Organisation for Quality. She has a Bachelor of Nursing from Australia’s Deakin University.

Megan works as an advisor to the healthcare sector; assisting organisations to meet legislative and best practice requirements as well as improve the quality of the service they provide. Recent projects have included large-scale service reviews (for productivity and compliance), leadership of service improvement projects, post-earthquake disaster recovery and business continuity projects as well as design of new healthcare facilities. Megan is also a professional director of Equitas Care Ltd.

Megan has a particular interest in helping clinical teams to function better through empowerment, to move beyond compliance and focus on improving the patient experience.

Megan can be contacted on 021 107 0262 or megan[at]vectorconsulting[dot]co[dot]nz.

Ruth provides both infection prevention and control and quality improvement services to a variety of healthcare settings, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a passion for these areas of patient quality and safety. As a Registered Nurse she has gained experience in the UK, Europe and Australasia. Ruth has specialised in infection prevention and control for the last 20 years, holding a number of qualifications in this speciality including a Masters Degree in Infection Prevention & Control from Griffith University.

Ruth belongs to the College of Infection Prevention and Control Nurses, NZNO and is a credentialed member of the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control.

Ruth provides client-focused advice on quality management systems across a variety of sectors; with a particular interest in assisting healthcare organisations achieve certification against a number of healthcare standards.

Ruth can be contacted on 021 298 7888 or ruth[at]vectorconsulting[dot]co[dot]nz.

Sharen's career has provided her with a unique system perspective and a series of real-world tools that are applicable to a range of settings and outcome-focused projects.

The key focus of Sharen's work is whole-of-system thinking and intra- and inter-organisation networking and collaboration. The key outcome of her work is developing a coherent strategic approach and direction, and aligning organisational effort within that setting to improve service provision and performance. This has given her the ability to work across a range of sectors by applying the broad concept of system-thinking and negotiation to diverse and at times competing interests.

Sharen has extensive experience [locally, nationally, and internationally] working with organisations and diverse stakeholders to develop efficient and effective ways of working; to clarify thinking through re-engineering the system they work within, how they work and the positive impact they have on their organisations and the system as a whole.

The skills Sharen utilises are: Leadership, Negotiation, Challenge, Facilitation.

Sharen can be contacted at sharen[at]vectorconsulting[dot]co[dot]nz.

Joy undertakes administration functions to support Vector Consulting clients and consultants. Joy's highly developed administration skills and can-do attitude ensure that clients are provided with exceptional service and that the Vector Consulting office functions efficiently. Joy has advanced computing skills and supports the accounting functions of Vector Consulting clients (such as MYOB and payroll), as well as organising document management systems.

Joy can be contacted on 027 257 5110 or joy[at]vectorconsulting[dot]co[dot]nz.

Sandra undertakes administration functions to support the Vector Consulting team. Sandra provides quality improvement support for clients and Vector Consulting Advisors. Sandra has extensive experience in all areas of administration and office/staff management, with particular interest in project management. Sandra also has experience in running her own small hospitality business.

Sandra can be contacted on 027 567 7337 or sandra[at]vectorconsulting[dot]co[dot]nz.


VectorConsulting offers services to suit large and small organisations.

What do we offer large businesses?

Vector Consulting are ready to provide professional support in:

Today's business environment is heavily encumbered by an array of regulations, and we specialise in making your business meet these requirements without having to spend copious time unravelling their practical implications. We have considerable experience in the health, manufacturing, education and service industries.

We are skilled at applying principles of operations research, quality management and organisation development to ensure the changes are effective. We have managed a range of projects involving ISO and national standards, have recent experience in Business Continuity Management (BCM) implementation and are involved in recent developments towards an emissions trading scheme (ETS).

We are not afraid to bring together a specialist team in order to provide solutions, and are experienced at managing, governing and participating in projects of all sizes. Vector Consulting has access to a diverse range of skills and backgrounds, are grounded in best practice and offer dynamic solutions to our clients. We have a depth and breadth of experience in various disciplines and across industries, with specialist skills in quality improvement, operations excellence and supply chain transformation. Our mix of practical and academic skills are ready to bring real change.

What do we offer small businesses?

Vector Consulting are ready to provide professional advice and support in:

We have the professional skills to complement those of your business, and allow you to do what you do best - rather than be tied down by administration or losing time figuring out what to do next. Many businesses fail in their early years, and we believe that by acknowledging your business' weaknesses early and seeking professional advice you are much more likely to succeed.

We can ensure your business meets all its external obligations such as those to external creditors and the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). We are a registered tax agent with IRD and are the first to know of any tax changes that may apply to you.

Like you, we are focused on success and doing it in a way that is enjoyable. We bring a fresh and personable approach to our consulting, and believe that by being open and transparent we can bring about long-term success.


Since 2005 we have been exceeding our clients' needs.

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